Concert Series: Concert is over. What about now?

Hey Guys,

Welcome to one more post on my Concert Series: Concert is over. What about now?

Many people cal this PCD (Post Concert Depression) but I don’t really like that name/term. It’s not actual depression so I’ll choose to not use that name.

Now we all get sad because the concert is over.

There’s this quote that I love and probably everyone already heard it wich is “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile cause it happenned” and it’s so true. You just saw your idol in front of you. Maybe met him. One of your dreams just came true. Smile, print some pictures that you took. If you met them put the picture on your lockscreen. Just don’t cry, smile and be happy.

Another thing you should do is share your experience. Tell them to your friends, family, go on Twitter and post about it. Anywhere. Share your experience, you’re not only sharing your voice and what happened to you but also it might be an advice for someone.

Another thing you should do is watch the vídeos you recorded just remember it, maybe you catched the artist waving or looking at you, you don’t know.

Last thing. You probably bought merch. I always recomend to buy either shirts or bracelets, necklaces or a postcard. I would recomend something that you would use. For exemple, for me, I always love bracelets. I always wear my Jacob Whitesides and my 1D bracelets. I never get out without them and when I’m at home they’re right beside me. I also like to use shirts. Since I only have shirts I only wear them in summer, for obvious reasons. If you get a poster put it up on your Wall.

Just make sure that it’s something that you’ll use cause later you might regret it, so make sure it’s something that you’ll get use of.

Well so that is basically it.

Maybe I’ll post the next post on the series tomorrow wich is “1D concert Experience” and later I’ll do a Jacob Whitesides experience too. In less than a month I’m going to see Jack & Jack and I’m most likely to post something about it too.

That’s it.

I’ll see you tomorrow

Bye Guys!!!!


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