Concert series: Get tickets

Hi Guys,
So today it is the first post on my concert series:Get tickets
The most important thing is the ticket and I want to say something about it. Let’s go by different parts here: day of the sale, concert sold out, close to the concert. You’ll already understand, don’t worry.

Day of the sale:
So here, first of all you have to know what time does the sale start and where do they sell it.
If you’re going to buy on store, you, most likely, will have to wake up really early and, depending on the artist, sleep there, yeah it happens.
If you’re going to get them online, you have to be ready for a lot of stress because a lot of people get them online and sometimes, the websites can’t handle that.
So what should you do? First, get friends and family and all your eletronic devices. Phones, Tablets, computer, everything.
Then go to the website and wait. When it’s time start refreshing the page untill you catch some tickets and when you see some just go for them cause I bet you soon they might be gone.And just because you have them on the basket, DON’T THINK YOU’RE SAFE. The website might crash while you’re putting your payment info and tickets will be gone again. You can only rest after you have the payment confirmation.
And if you’re not finding tickets, wait. Tickets will stay on the basket for 15 minutes and then if you did not paid they’ll go for sale again, so you should wait, 15 minutes, 1 hour, how much time you can untill it says it’s sold out.

Concert Sold out:
So the concert sold out. What do you do? People tend to sell them online for ridiculous ammount of Money and so in some countries, the police is keeping an eye on them.
What you should do is first, see if there’s the possibility of an extra date beeing added, how do you know? Update accounts are the best in my opinion, aside the oficial artist of course.
There’s no extra date? Still keep an eye on update accounts, normally fans, like you, that can’t go for a reason, contact the update accounts and they talk about that with their followers, but you still have to keep an eye. You don’t want fake tickets.
You don’t trust people for that? It’s okay! And it goes to the next and final part!

Close to the concert:
As we get to the date of the concert, artists start to make plans on how the stage is gonna look like and so, most part of the time, they found out that the stage is actually smaller and so they add more tickets! Keep an eye on that! They normally don’t warn about that so! Also there are people that return the tickets for some reason and more chances of you to go

And that is basically it. One thing: Sometimes, TV Programmes, Magazines or Radio Stations will do contests to win M&G, Tickets for the concert and stuff like that so you have to always pay attention to that too.
The next post on the series is posted Friday.
Bye Guys.


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