Concert series: The day and preparing it

Hey Guys.

So now that you have the tickets, you have to prepare yourself for the concert. This also has a lot of steps so let’s start.

First, this deserves a countdown. You can either use an app or you can write down the numbers and each day you cross the number of days that’s left.

Now what you should expect. You have to prepare yourself for a lot of things. If you can’t deal with screaming, waiting or standing up the whole time, concerts are not the best thing to you. Also you have to expect nice people from different ages, and people that understand you. The feeling that you have the day of a concert is just so amazing. It makes me so happy and you do make a lot of friends there.

Also you’ll loose your voice and be prepared for Fan project. Just check the update accounts and you’ll find what projects they’re planing and be a part of them.

Now some things that you SHOULD NOT do:

Bring HUGE posters

Wear too much merch

Play with security  (they’re good. you might get kicked out if you try)

Let yourself get dehydrated (Drink lots of water, you don’t want to miss the concert)

Be on your phone the whole time, enjoy the concert

Record the whole concert. Yes, you can record some songs, I would recomend your favorites or when there’s an amazing fan project.

Complain about your seat. Many people would like to be there where you are

Be jealous of other fans. You would not want people to be jealous of you too.

Judge other people because they’re crying or screaming. They probably have been trough a lot with them or that specific song has a HUGE meaning to them so just don’t.

Now onto your essentials and what you should bring:

1 – LOTS of Water (bring extra bottle tops and hide them if your venue does not allow water bottles. But if you have a small purse you can bring a water bottle and maybe they will not check your stuff)

2 – Something to eat

3 – Phone

4 – Money, to buy more food or merch

5 – Camera in case you don’t want to record on your phone


7 – Hat If it’s sunny

8 – Umbrella, if it’s raining

9 – Jacket, if it’s cold

Now some tips for the day of the concert:

Be there early specially if it is general admission.

Walk around the venue, you might find them, just make sure you have somebody on the line for the concert.

Drink lots of Water.

Ask people if they know if the boys are coming out of the bus or just passed by.

If there are not that many people near their buses STAY THERE CAUSE YOU MIGHT MEET THEM

Don’t spread the word, you can tell a few peole but not a lot of people

Listen to the scream, if people are screaming, it’s not because they saw a bird

Update accounts, they know everything, just talk with them

From what to wear I would say just bring a T-Shirt from them or DIY it and some shorts or black ripped jeans, if it’s sunny.

If it’s cold, black ripped jeans (you can never go wrong) and a hoodie or a sweatshirt.

During the concert, I would just say have fun, be yourself, sing along with them, again don’t record the whole time. If you do this you’re most likely to have an amazing experience.

Well that’s basically it.

I’ll see you tomorrow with how to deal with PCD


Bye guys!!!


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