Lovesick by Jacob Whitesides (Song and Music Video)

Hey Guys!

So today I’m here to talk about Jacob Whitesides’s new song and music vídeo. The song came out in the 15th (00:00AM) and the music vídeo on the 15th too, at 10:00 AM EST.

Let’s start by the song itself.

So when I heard the name of the song was “Lovesick” I tough it was going to be a love song type kind of the other songs he has, wich are all amazing.

But it’s actually a dance/jam song. It has a really fun beat that goes with the season we are going now wich is Spring and Summer. I personally love it.

So the songs start to describe a girl wich it reminds me of an actual fangirl, at first because he says “I said you ain’t seen nothing like the wrath of the woman that you push too far
You can’t run and you can’t hide She’s gonna find just where you are”.

Fangirls will always find where you are. We are better than FBI, I tell you.

Then he starts to talk about having fun and that he’s not trying to hurt no one. Then he came for the crown. He had love but now he has none. I don’t really know how to interpretate this.

Then he says that he is lovesick and there’s no cure and tell us that he keep coming back for more (I think he’s talking about the “crowns”) and that he has the blues (what do you think this is about?)
So then, his girlfriend (I suppose) is mad at him. He also gave the advice to when you have her attention, pay attention to “the hat Cuz I never felt the temperature heat up quite like when she looked at me like that”. She knew/ just discovered what happened?! Is this about Money? Is this about a second girl? I’m starting to think of a second girl. Let’s keep on analyzing the lyrics.

“Now I never been a perfect angel But I try to do the best I can Sometimes I might make mistakes When I got a bottle in my hand So when she went through my phone in the morning judging by the text she read She said “boy by the time I’m done with you Well, you’d be better off dead”

So he cheated on his girlfriend when he was drinking out with his friends and after, it kept happening?! Then she went trough his phone and found texts with somebody else and she says he “would be better off dead”. Seems like it’s that.

It would make sence because of the chorus

(Because I’m lovesick And there ain’t no cure Cuz I keep on coming back for more Oh no no no I’m lovesick Guess I got the blues Doctor help I don’t know what to do Oh no no no (Had true love now I got none cuz I’m lovesick) )

He’s lovesick and he keeps coming back. His girlfriend discovered about it and then “Had true love now I got none cuz I’m lovesick”. Makes sence.

Let’s move on to the music vídeo

(Watch the music vídeo and hear the song Here )

It features Andrea Russett (the girlfriend) and Alex Aiono (his friend).

So my theory was right.

In the music vídeo, the Diamond was like the other girl.

The men is like him beeing caught on cheating.

The “better off dead” here represents them going to the prision (because their friends were with him).

The music vídeo completly matches the song so I will give both the song and music vídeo a 10 out of 10.

Okay guys, that’s basically it.

I’ll see you guys later.



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