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Hey Guys,

Today I am not posting but I do wanna say that I’m working on my “Concert series”. Please let me now what you would like to see so I can add it on to the series, in case I forgot about it. I already have a few planed.

If you want me to talk about anything else, just ask me and I’ll do my best to do it soon.

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March Favorites

Hey Guys,

So today I’m gonna make a March Favorites.

I’m gonna start with Beauty.

Lipstick: Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick in the colour 02 (Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick)

Moving on to the Music Category:

Album:”Gold” By Ricky Dillon. My favorite song is either “Lottery” or “Gold”. Maybe “Fight and Battle” I don’t know, I really love this álbum

(“GOLD” Album by Ricky Dillon (Spotify))

Song: “180” from Alexi Blue. She is an amazing singer and this song is amazing and really inspiring maybe for a lot of people probably. If you want to hear the story behind the song and hear the song you can do it Here.

EP: Obcessed with Trevor Moran’s EP “Alive”, specially “Cold Soul”. Obcessed with this EP since it came out along with “Gold” from Ricky Dillon

“Alive” EP by Trevor Moran (Spotify)

Cover: “No” from Meghan Trainor (Cimorelli cover). The vídeo that they made was amazing. The first time I heard this song was their cover and I actually don’t really like the original version. Also loved their song “Hearts on Fire”. The music vídeo came out recently. Can’t wait to hear their album “Up At Night”

“No” Cover from Cimorelli

“Hearts on Fire” music vídeo

This doesn’t really have a category for now so:

Movie: Allegiant, great movie

Store: Kiko Makeup Milano, love their makeup

Also can’t wait for the opening of a NYX store, hopefully close to me (I am Portuguese and, as I’m blogging this, you can only get their makeup online).

Also can’t wait to hear Chase Goehring’s new EP “Jaded” OMG So proud of him.

That’s it guys, I’ll talk to you later,


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I Found A Girl – The Vamps Music Video

Hey Guys!!

So today I’m gonna talk about The Vamps new music vídeo for their song “I found A Girl”. This song is a collab with Omi.

The Vamps – I Found A Girl ft. Omi (Music Video) (click here if you want to watch the vídeo again or watch it for the first time).

This song is on their Album “Wake Up”

Analyzing the lyrics, one of them, I guess, fell in love with this girl, but she’s not interested in him. She explained that he was nice and stuff but she was actually lesbian. That’s basically the story behind it.

Now the music vídeo.

On this vídeo we can see Internet people such as Andrea Russet, Alli Simpson, Lauren Giraldo and Rebecca Black.

This vídeo really matches the song.

We start to see that they are trying to find a band that covers their songs and they fel in love with some people that went to the audictions and then they went to the girls, to ask if they can go on a date, I suppose, and they answer “You are nice but I’m not into guys”.

So overall it is a great song and a great music vídeo.

That’s basically it.

If you want me to talk about something, you can request and I’ll try to do it.

I’ll see you later,



What’s Up Guys?!

It’s me.

So in this blog you will find a lot of different things.

You will find reviews and maybe updates on Youtubers, Viners, Singers, Bands, Boybands, Girl Bands, Bands. Yeah, a lot of people. Sometimes, maybe, books, movies, fashion and makeup, I don’t know.

I’m gonna list my favorite artists (not in a particular order) so just expect me to talk about it if any of them comes with albums or books or songs 😂

One Direction

Chase Goehring


Zayn Malik

Jack & Jack

Jacob Whitesides

Shawn Mendes

These people listed above are my actual fandoms. There are people that I’m not sure if I’m in the fandom or not wich are:

Troye Sivan

MAGCON (both old and new and here

Jack & Jack, Jacob Whitesides and Shawn Mendes just stand out so yeah)


Bea Miller

Tori Kelly


Lia Marie Johnson

Alexi Blue

Ed Sheeran

Joey Graceffa

Now the list of artists that I love but I’m not in the Fandom or “close”:

Ariana Grande

Selena Gomez

The Vamps

Madison Beer

Fifth Harmony

Little Mix

Justin Bieber

Emblem 3


Becky G

I really like music…

Just expect a lot of music basically

Also feel free to ask me advice and opinions on anything


Think That’s that

See you later