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So you, probably, are wondering where I am, where are the blog posts.

So, I broke my arm…Yeah, I can’t do anything basically so that’s why I’m not posting.

I’m gonna try to post maybe some tags cause it’s kind of easier to write since I don’t have to take pictures or focus on make sure that  I have the right lyrics or so.

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Lovesick by Jacob Whitesides (Song and Music Video)

Hey Guys!

So today I’m here to talk about Jacob Whitesides’s new song and music vídeo. The song came out in the 15th (00:00AM) and the music vídeo on the 15th too, at 10:00 AM EST.

Let’s start by the song itself.

So when I heard the name of the song was “Lovesick” I tough it was going to be a love song type kind of the other songs he has, wich are all amazing.

But it’s actually a dance/jam song. It has a really fun beat that goes with the season we are going now wich is Spring and Summer. I personally love it.

So the songs start to describe a girl wich it reminds me of an actual fangirl, at first because he says “I said you ain’t seen nothing like the wrath of the woman that you push too far
You can’t run and you can’t hide She’s gonna find just where you are”.

Fangirls will always find where you are. We are better than FBI, I tell you.

Then he starts to talk about having fun and that he’s not trying to hurt no one. Then he came for the crown. He had love but now he has none. I don’t really know how to interpretate this.

Then he says that he is lovesick and there’s no cure and tell us that he keep coming back for more (I think he’s talking about the “crowns”) and that he has the blues (what do you think this is about?)
So then, his girlfriend (I suppose) is mad at him. He also gave the advice to when you have her attention, pay attention to “the hat Cuz I never felt the temperature heat up quite like when she looked at me like that”. She knew/ just discovered what happened?! Is this about Money? Is this about a second girl? I’m starting to think of a second girl. Let’s keep on analyzing the lyrics.

“Now I never been a perfect angel But I try to do the best I can Sometimes I might make mistakes When I got a bottle in my hand So when she went through my phone in the morning judging by the text she read She said “boy by the time I’m done with you Well, you’d be better off dead”

So he cheated on his girlfriend when he was drinking out with his friends and after, it kept happening?! Then she went trough his phone and found texts with somebody else and she says he “would be better off dead”. Seems like it’s that.

It would make sence because of the chorus

(Because I’m lovesick And there ain’t no cure Cuz I keep on coming back for more Oh no no no I’m lovesick Guess I got the blues Doctor help I don’t know what to do Oh no no no (Had true love now I got none cuz I’m lovesick) )

He’s lovesick and he keeps coming back. His girlfriend discovered about it and then “Had true love now I got none cuz I’m lovesick”. Makes sence.

Let’s move on to the music vídeo

(Watch the music vídeo and hear the song Here )

It features Andrea Russett (the girlfriend) and Alex Aiono (his friend).

So my theory was right.

In the music vídeo, the Diamond was like the other girl.

The men is like him beeing caught on cheating.

The “better off dead” here represents them going to the prision (because their friends were with him).

The music vídeo completly matches the song so I will give both the song and music vídeo a 10 out of 10.

Okay guys, that’s basically it.

I’ll see you guys later.


Hi again

Hey guys,

So I’ve been this days planning things for this blog and so I did not had time to blog but, hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have 3 posts.

Lovesick by Jacob Whitesides (song and music vídeo)

Jaded EP from Chase Goehring

Essence + Rimmel haul and Review

and maybe I’ll have my 1D Concert experience.

The only reason I did not post is why I was planning things for this blog.

Okay that’s it

See you later

Bye Guys!!!!

Concert Series: Concert is over. What about now?

Hey Guys,

Welcome to one more post on my Concert Series: Concert is over. What about now?

Many people cal this PCD (Post Concert Depression) but I don’t really like that name/term. It’s not actual depression so I’ll choose to not use that name.

Now we all get sad because the concert is over.

There’s this quote that I love and probably everyone already heard it wich is “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile cause it happenned” and it’s so true. You just saw your idol in front of you. Maybe met him. One of your dreams just came true. Smile, print some pictures that you took. If you met them put the picture on your lockscreen. Just don’t cry, smile and be happy.

Another thing you should do is share your experience. Tell them to your friends, family, go on Twitter and post about it. Anywhere. Share your experience, you’re not only sharing your voice and what happened to you but also it might be an advice for someone.

Another thing you should do is watch the vídeos you recorded just remember it, maybe you catched the artist waving or looking at you, you don’t know.

Last thing. You probably bought merch. I always recomend to buy either shirts or bracelets, necklaces or a postcard. I would recomend something that you would use. For exemple, for me, I always love bracelets. I always wear my Jacob Whitesides and my 1D bracelets. I never get out without them and when I’m at home they’re right beside me. I also like to use shirts. Since I only have shirts I only wear them in summer, for obvious reasons. If you get a poster put it up on your Wall.

Just make sure that it’s something that you’ll use cause later you might regret it, so make sure it’s something that you’ll get use of.

Well so that is basically it.

Maybe I’ll post the next post on the series tomorrow wich is “1D concert Experience” and later I’ll do a Jacob Whitesides experience too. In less than a month I’m going to see Jack & Jack and I’m most likely to post something about it too.

That’s it.

I’ll see you tomorrow

Bye Guys!!!!

Concert series: The day and preparing it

Hey Guys.

So now that you have the tickets, you have to prepare yourself for the concert. This also has a lot of steps so let’s start.

First, this deserves a countdown. You can either use an app or you can write down the numbers and each day you cross the number of days that’s left.

Now what you should expect. You have to prepare yourself for a lot of things. If you can’t deal with screaming, waiting or standing up the whole time, concerts are not the best thing to you. Also you have to expect nice people from different ages, and people that understand you. The feeling that you have the day of a concert is just so amazing. It makes me so happy and you do make a lot of friends there.

Also you’ll loose your voice and be prepared for Fan project. Just check the update accounts and you’ll find what projects they’re planing and be a part of them.

Now some things that you SHOULD NOT do:

Bring HUGE posters

Wear too much merch

Play with security  (they’re good. you might get kicked out if you try)

Let yourself get dehydrated (Drink lots of water, you don’t want to miss the concert)

Be on your phone the whole time, enjoy the concert

Record the whole concert. Yes, you can record some songs, I would recomend your favorites or when there’s an amazing fan project.

Complain about your seat. Many people would like to be there where you are

Be jealous of other fans. You would not want people to be jealous of you too.

Judge other people because they’re crying or screaming. They probably have been trough a lot with them or that specific song has a HUGE meaning to them so just don’t.

Now onto your essentials and what you should bring:

1 – LOTS of Water (bring extra bottle tops and hide them if your venue does not allow water bottles. But if you have a small purse you can bring a water bottle and maybe they will not check your stuff)

2 – Something to eat

3 – Phone

4 – Money, to buy more food or merch

5 – Camera in case you don’t want to record on your phone


7 – Hat If it’s sunny

8 – Umbrella, if it’s raining

9 – Jacket, if it’s cold

Now some tips for the day of the concert:

Be there early specially if it is general admission.

Walk around the venue, you might find them, just make sure you have somebody on the line for the concert.

Drink lots of Water.

Ask people if they know if the boys are coming out of the bus or just passed by.

If there are not that many people near their buses STAY THERE CAUSE YOU MIGHT MEET THEM

Don’t spread the word, you can tell a few peole but not a lot of people

Listen to the scream, if people are screaming, it’s not because they saw a bird

Update accounts, they know everything, just talk with them

From what to wear I would say just bring a T-Shirt from them or DIY it and some shorts or black ripped jeans, if it’s sunny.

If it’s cold, black ripped jeans (you can never go wrong) and a hoodie or a sweatshirt.

During the concert, I would just say have fun, be yourself, sing along with them, again don’t record the whole time. If you do this you’re most likely to have an amazing experience.

Well that’s basically it.

I’ll see you tomorrow with how to deal with PCD


Bye guys!!!

Concert series: Get tickets

Hi Guys,
So today it is the first post on my concert series:Get tickets
The most important thing is the ticket and I want to say something about it. Let’s go by different parts here: day of the sale, concert sold out, close to the concert. You’ll already understand, don’t worry.

Day of the sale:
So here, first of all you have to know what time does the sale start and where do they sell it.
If you’re going to buy on store, you, most likely, will have to wake up really early and, depending on the artist, sleep there, yeah it happens.
If you’re going to get them online, you have to be ready for a lot of stress because a lot of people get them online and sometimes, the websites can’t handle that.
So what should you do? First, get friends and family and all your eletronic devices. Phones, Tablets, computer, everything.
Then go to the website and wait. When it’s time start refreshing the page untill you catch some tickets and when you see some just go for them cause I bet you soon they might be gone.And just because you have them on the basket, DON’T THINK YOU’RE SAFE. The website might crash while you’re putting your payment info and tickets will be gone again. You can only rest after you have the payment confirmation.
And if you’re not finding tickets, wait. Tickets will stay on the basket for 15 minutes and then if you did not paid they’ll go for sale again, so you should wait, 15 minutes, 1 hour, how much time you can untill it says it’s sold out.

Concert Sold out:
So the concert sold out. What do you do? People tend to sell them online for ridiculous ammount of Money and so in some countries, the police is keeping an eye on them.
What you should do is first, see if there’s the possibility of an extra date beeing added, how do you know? Update accounts are the best in my opinion, aside the oficial artist of course.
There’s no extra date? Still keep an eye on update accounts, normally fans, like you, that can’t go for a reason, contact the update accounts and they talk about that with their followers, but you still have to keep an eye. You don’t want fake tickets.
You don’t trust people for that? It’s okay! And it goes to the next and final part!

Close to the concert:
As we get to the date of the concert, artists start to make plans on how the stage is gonna look like and so, most part of the time, they found out that the stage is actually smaller and so they add more tickets! Keep an eye on that! They normally don’t warn about that so! Also there are people that return the tickets for some reason and more chances of you to go

And that is basically it. One thing: Sometimes, TV Programmes, Magazines or Radio Stations will do contests to win M&G, Tickets for the concert and stuff like that so you have to always pay attention to that too.
The next post on the series is posted Friday.
Bye Guys.